First Aid News Update

Well it’s been over a month since we posted some updates, so here are a few stories that have recently caught our eye CPR Survival Rates Improving A number of recent studies have shown that survival rates for cardiac arrest are on the improve. A Japanese study found that mortality rates for out of hospital … Continue reading

Ironwomen Gives CPR To Save Dog

Yesterday, Gold Coast Ironwomen Hayley Bateup used her CPR skills to save a dog. The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that Bateup who was in a training session, stopped and saved the life of a drowning dog. For over two minutes, Bateup delivered compression whilst the dog owner delivered mouth to mouth rescue breaths. Full Story

Funnel Web Wranglers Wanted

Experts who make the life saving anti-venom for one of Australia’s and the world’s deadliest spiders, are now calling on the public to catch the dangerous spider. Keepers at the Australian Reptile Park have today said that stocks of the anti-venom for Funnel Web bites are running low and require more of the spiders for … Continue reading

Danish Town Saves Lives

A small rural community in Denmark has showed how learning CPR can really save lives.The Danish island of Bornholm, which recently engaged in community wide CPR training, has witnessed impressive life saving results. Tragically, in between the years 2001 and 2003 in Bornholm, not one casulty who suffered a cardiac arrest survived. The residents of Bornholm decided this statistic had to … Continue reading