CPR or Continous Chest Compressions?

Are continuous chest compressions more effective than traditional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)? This is the question that will now be answered, all thanks to a large scale study to be launched in North America.The American National Institutes of Health will conduct a study involving up to 23,000 participants across sites in America and Canada. and compare … Continue reading

Need CPR For Your Cardiac Arrest? …Here Is A Sandwhich Instead

An interesting story from Europe, of a man who was allegedly offered a sandwich and soft drink by airline cabin crew, whilst in cardiac arrest. Sweedish news service The Local, report that 63-year-old Per-Erik Jonsson, fell ill during a Ryanair flight from Sweden to England last Sunday. During the flight, Jonsson went into cardiac arrest. … Continue reading

First Aid Education Vital For Children

The Director of Neurosurgery at Melbourne’s Alfred hospital’s has today, spoken out about the importance of First Aid education, particularly for children. In an interview with the Herald Sun, Professor Jeffery Rosenfeld has talked about how even the most basic of First Aid care, can make a real difference. He commented “First aid can make the … Continue reading