First Aid For Strokes

Do you know how to identify if someone is suffering a stroke? Do you know what First Aid to provide? To celebrate National Stroke Week (8-14 September) here’s our stroke First Aid run-down. Why The Big Fuss With Strokes? Stroke (previously known as cerebro vascular accident) is Australia’s second biggest killer after coronary heart disease … Continue reading

High Risk Scenarios – The Charleville Explosions

The dramatic pictures from the Charleville ammonia truck explosion really do reinforce the high risk nature of some motor vehicle accidents. Images of a disintegrated truck, a huge five metre deep crater in the Mitchell Highway and the mangled wreckage of two firefighting vehicles highlight this. Responding to any motor vehicle accident and providing First … Continue reading

Dutch Defibs Deployed Decisively

Whilst some people think that mobile phones are just for updating statuses, expressing thoughts in 140 characters or less and instagramming photos of dinners whilst they are going cold, in the Netherlands they’re using mobiles to save lives. The Dutch have just trialled a pioneering text message, emergency alert system with impressive results. While the … Continue reading