Deutsch Defikopter – The Defibrillator Drone


Do you need a defibrillator in a hurry? In the future it could be as simple as using a smart phone application and having a drone fly by to drop one off.

A group of German inventors have come up with the novel concept of the Defikopter. It’s a mini multicopter drone that can deliver a defibrillator payload to the scene of an emergency.

Defibrillators are recognised as one of the critical links in the Chain of Survival. These are the important steps that can provide those in cardiac arrest with the best chance of survival.

The Defikopter can fly within a range of 10 kilometres and at speeds of up to 70km/hr. The Defikopter, however, doesn’t come cheap with an estimated price tag of US $26,000.

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