What Is The First Aid For A Snake Bite?

Daniel Super, three, was hospitalised after stepping on a tiger snake. Photo: 7News

Daniel Super, three, was hospitalised after stepping on a tiger snake. Photo: 7News

Would you know what First Aid to provide if someone you know got bitten by a snake? What if the casualty was a family member, friend or co-worker? A Victorian toddler was yesterday bitten twice by a tiger snake whilst playing in a garden. Sometimes events like this occur when you least expect it.

Daniel Super was visiting the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens with his family yesterday when he was bitten twice by the potentially deadly snake. The snake attacked Daniel when he accidentally stepped on it.

His mother, Miranda, witnessed the encounter and feared the worst. “Seeing your child that unwell, vomiting, lethargic and just wanting snuggles, it’s so heartbreaking ” she told 7News.

Thankfully Daniel received First Aid for the snake bite at the scene and was transferred to Monash Children’s Hospital where he is recovering from the ordeal.

With summer fast approaching, it means that snake season is also fast approaching as well. It’s critically important you know the First Aid for a snake bite and as it could mean the difference between life and death for someone you know and love.

The primary First Aid for an Australian snake bite is the pressure-immobilisation technique. Its purpose is to retard the movement of venom from the bite site into the circulation, thus “buying time” for the patient to reach medical care (Queensland Health). The technique involves applying a broad pressure bandage over the bite site as soon as possible. This is followed up by applying a further pressure bandage, starting from the end of the limb and extending upwards covering as much of the limb as possible. Finally a splint is applied to immobilise and restrict limb movement. Throughout the First Aid treatment, it’s critically important to keep the victim and the limb completely at rest

The pressure-immobilisation technique is best learned and practised in an accredited First Aid course. The above description is only a brief summary of the technique and many people often apply it incorrectly. At a First Aid course you can get explicit instruction on this technique and learn about the finer details of providing First Aid for snake bites. If you would like to enrol in just check out our upcoming First Aid course list and enrol in a course today.

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