Tanker Driver Lucky to Be Alive

A bizarre chain of events yesterday, has left a tanker driver with serious burns and in a critical condition. A fuel leak from a petrol tanker somehow ignited causing two cars to catch fire and explode, a P-plate driver to crash and the petrol tanker to burst into flames. The fire and explosions also caused patrons in a nearby hotel to flee for their lives.The full story can be found at ABC News.

The general First Aid treatment for burns, which was posted on our Facebook page last year, is as follows. The Australian Resuscitation Council recommends that burns should firstly be cooled under running cold water for at least 10 minutes. Any constrictive items such as watches, jewellery and rings, should be safely removed from the burn area without causing further damage.The burn should then be covered with a loose and light non-stick dressing. Finally, where possible, elevate burnt limbs to minimise swelling. For further information please consult the ARC Burn First Aid fact sheet.

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