Workplace First Aid Training

Don’t Get Caught Out

Workplace Health and Safety laws require all businesses to have workers trained to administer First Aid. Don’t wait for that inevitable workplace accident and a SafeWork investigation to happen to recognise your First Aid training obligations. Our nationally recognised First Aid courses can help you meet your NSW SafeWork and Safe Work Australia first aid training obligations.

Get Prepared For A Workplace Emergency

Every year over 500 000 people suffer a workplace injury or illness in Australia. Would your staff know what to do if someone in your workplace suddenly became seriously injured or ill? What if someone collapsed and stopped breathing? What if your staff didn’t know what to do? Our practical and comprehensive First Aid training can really prepare your staff for such emergencies. Our First Aid training can enable your staff to be ready, to act competently and confidently, in dealing with these types of incidents at your workplace. This can really provide a true peace of mind to your business knowing that you’re prepared.

Avoid The Disruption

onsite-first-aid-trainingWe know how hard it is sometimes for businesses to schedule workplace training. The disruption and disturbance can be not only annoying but can really affect the daily running of your business. Our time efficient 2 hour face-to-face courses means less time that your staff are off work and less disruption for your business. With a complete choice of training dates, times and locations, you can also organise a course with us that completely matches your work schedule. We can come to you and deliver training on-site or alternatively, we can deliver the training off-site at one of our centrally located training venues. This means you can get your training completed and your staff get on with the more important things at your business.

Avoid The Stress

onsite-first-aid-training2Some training providers can make it really hard to train with them. They miss your calls, they don’t respond to emails and sometimes the trainer they organise, doesn’t even show up! It can be a real hassle and there can be a lot of stress and even worry. With our First Aid training, we really make the process for you easy and trouble free. From start to finish, the booking and running of our First Aid courses is smooth, seamless and stress-free. Save the hassle and the worry of the other guys, and let us deliver your next First Aid training.

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