I Survived CPR

cassandra-scott cpr“TWO weeks ago today I was dead. Literally. A complete stranger pulled me out of the surf at Coogee Beach. I had no pulse. I was blue. My lips were deep purple.

Two other strangers came to assist, one with piercings, the other in a soccer jumper. Another stranger, whose second language was English, yelled, “Blue Lady! Blue Lady!”, pointing to me. These strangers worked together, putting me on my side, clearing my mouth and pumping my lungs.

Luke, a lifeguard on the job for just six weeks, ran towards us. The stranger, Neil, who had pulled me from the water was by my side. Luke knelt and began CPR. Still no pulse. Luke kept pressing my chest, never faltering, counting and breathing all the way. Neil used Luke’s radio to call an ambulance. Another lifeguard, Matt, joined the group to help” …continue reading

Drowning victim Cassandra Scott retells her ordeal to the Daily Telegraph

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