Accidents Will Happen

Oops! Gordon crashes through the wall of a new station

Oops! Gordon accidentally crashes through the wall of a new station

I think we’ve all heard the saying “accidents will happen”. It’s an idiom or common sense belief that no matter what we do, it is impossible to completely prevent things from going wrong. The same applies to workplaces in that we can institute every workplace health and safety measure, policy, and procedure in order to protect workers, but no matter what, workplace accidents can and still occur.

In the popular children’s television show, Thomas the Tank Engine, workplace accidents were so common it seems, that the creators even dedicated a song to it.  In ‘Accidents Will Happen’ the chorus reminds us that

Accidents happen now and again
Just when you least expect.
Just when you think that life is okay,
Fate comes to collect!

In the accompanying video clip you see “highly likely”, everyday scenarios like Skarloey t-boning a carriage of ice cream barrels, Percy derailing and ploughing into a gigantic snowman and of course James destroying a bridge and causing Toby to plunge to his demise


The results of a simple accident

Whilst not everyone’s workplace is as eventful and dramatic as James’, everyone can experience an accident at some point in time, even ours. After finishing one of our First Aid courses in Taree on the weekend, we saw a 90-year old man accidentally trip over outside on a public footpath. In the process, the elderly gentleman sustained cuts and abrasions to his knee, forearm, elbow and forehead – all from a simple fall. Members of the public rushed over to lend a hand. We also made ourselves available and assisted with his care, cleaning and bandaging the wounds and referring him off for further treatment.

Whilst we can never eliminate accidents like these occurring, we can always be prepared for one happening. Being prepared includes having staff in your workplace trained in First Aid. It’s a simple but vital step to ensure that if an emergency were to happen, you will at least have someone there ready to respond. These workplace First Aiders can help out in the precious minutes it takes for the professionals to arrive.

Don’t wait for an accident to happen, by then it’s too late. Get prepared today by organising some First Aid training for your workplace. We’re available to deliver First Aid training both onsite or offsite to your group, big or small. Simply send us an email and we will be in touch to discuss your options. If you or another co-worker need training, you can also join us at one of our regular public First Aid courses in Port Macqaurie, Taree and Nelson Bay (Port Stephens).

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