Swimming Pool First Aid and Safety

pool drowningIt’s all too familiar headline. The story of a 2 year old boy who tragically drowned in a backyard swimming pool in north-west Sydney. The boy was pulled from the pool and neighbours frantically tried to resuscitate him with CPR. An ambulance was called to the home along with the Care Flight team. Unfortunately all their efforts were in vain. The toddler was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Last year 266 people drowned in Australia with 15% of these occurring in backyard swimming pools (Royal Life Saving 2014). Whilst drowning is still the leading cause of accidental death of children aged under 5, over 75% of all pool drownings were actually of those aged 18 years of age and over. These statistics show that such unfortunate incidents can really happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Heading towards summer, it’s essential that you establish and maintain proper pool safety at your home.

Some basic pool safety tips, outlined by the Royal Life Saving, include:

  • KidsAliveLogoRegularly checking and inspecting your pool fence, gate and surrounds.
  • Ensuring all fence bolts, screws and fasteners are tight and in good order. Any loose bolts, screws and fasteners should be tightened or replaced.
  • Regularly replacing springs and regularly spraying self closing gate hinges, locks and latches with lubricating oil or silicone.
  • Never propping the gate open.
  • Regularly maintain ‘non climbable zone’ including
    • The pruning of surrounding trees & shrubs
    • Ensuring all other objects such as a barbecue, pot plants, ladders and chairs stay outside this zone
    • Correctly storage of pools aids and toys securely and out of view
  • Checking and maintaining pumps, grates and suction fittings
  • Ensuring all chemicals are stored securely and out of view and reach of children
  • Ensuring adequate adult supervision at all times
    • Make sure your within arms reach of any child under 5
    • Never have older children supervise younger children
  • Ensuring all pool users know how to swim

Whilst prevention is key with swimming pool safety, accidents unfortunately can and do still happen.That’s where being prepared for an emergency really pays dividends. Knowing what to do in an emergency can affect how you respond, what care you provide and even the outcome of a casualty. Sometimes this First Aid training, can even mean the difference between the life and death of a loved one.

Our First Aid courses, including the nationally recognised Provide First Aid, can prepare you for a range of potential accidents that may occur in and around your swimming pool. Importantly, you can learn how to effectively perform and deliver CPR for a possible drowning. This includes being able to adjust your CPR for an adult, a child and even an infant. You can also learn about life-saving defibrillation and get hands-on practise in using an automated external defibrillator.

Don’t wait until you actually need First Aid and CPR skills. Get prepared today. Check out our upcoming First Aid courses and enrol in a course that could help you, literally save a life. You may never need the skills we teach you, but you will be thanking us if you do.

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