Alive After 53 Minutes Of CPR

4634acu2A women that received CPR for a total of 53 minutes from an automated CPR device has survived the ordeal and lives to tell her story. Vanessa Tanasio, of Narre Warren, who suffered a heart attack at her home, was rushed to hospital where she suffered a full cardiac arrest.

Doctors used a defibrillator and attached a Lucas 2 device, an machine that delivers CPR or automated compressions to the patient’s chest, in an effort to circulate blood around the body. The automated chest compression machines are growing in popularity and are proving successful, as we reported in the Clare Carney story.

Mrs Tanasio has spoken of how useful such devices can be. “It saved my life. To be able to do CPR for 53 minutes… is just an amazing process. The fact that thing kept me going and I’m here and I can talk about it is just phenomenal.” she said to ABC News.

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