Need CPR For Your Cardiac Arrest? …Here Is A Sandwhich Instead

An interesting story from Europe, of a man who was allegedly offered a sandwich and soft drink by airline cabin crew, whilst in cardiac arrest.

Sweedish news service The Local, report that 63-year-old Per-Erik Jonsson, fell ill during a Ryanair flight from Sweden to England last Sunday. During the flight, Jonsson went into cardiac arrest. Instead of administering appropriate First Aid treatment, Ryanaid cabin staff allegedly diagnosed the casulty’s condition as having low blood pressure and was offered the man an in-flight meal.

Thankfully, Jonsson’s step daughter came to the rescued and was able to get him breathing again. Interestingly, once Jonsson had stabilised, the family was then given the bill for the food. A Ryanair spokesman have since defended the actions of the cabin crew. Full Story

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