Need CPR For Your Cardiac Arrest? …Here Is A Sandwhich Instead

An interesting story from Europe, of a man who was allegedly offered a sandwich and soft drink by airline cabin crew, whilst in cardiac arrest. Sweedish news service The Local, report that 63-year-old Per-Erik Jonsson, fell ill during a Ryanair flight from Sweden to England last Sunday. During the flight, Jonsson went into cardiac arrest. … Continue reading

Blind Lady Saves Cabbie

A vision impaired lady has this week, saved the life of her taxi driver by successfully administering CPR. Judy-Gaye Streit had just been dropped off at a shopping centre when her taxi driver, Neil Wilkinson, suddenly collapsed to the ground suffering a cardiac arrest. Quick thinking Streit, dialed 000 for an ambulance and followed instructions … Continue reading

Good Samaritans Recognised

The great work of Good Samaritans, ordinary people that provide life saving First Aid, have been recognised recently. In Melbourne, a cardiac arrest survivor has today, thanked her rescuers. Leanne Jackson, who was clinically dead for over 20 minutes, was saved by passers-by who came to her aid and provided life saving CPR. After Jackson … Continue reading

Cardiac Arrests On The Rise For Marathon Runners

Thinking of doing a marathon or half marathon? New research may make you think again. The incidence of cardiac arrests in marathon runners appears to have risen over the last decade. Research published by the New England Journal of Medicine, shows a near doubling of the rate of runners suffering from cardiac arrest over the … Continue reading