Cardiac Arrests On The Rise For Marathon Runners

Thinking of doing a marathon or half marathon? New research may make you think again. The incidence of cardiac arrests in marathon runners appears to have risen over the last decade. Research published by the New England Journal of Medicine, shows a near doubling of the rate of runners suffering from cardiac arrest over the last five years.

The study found that the rate of cardiac arrest in marathon and half marathon runners was 0.54 per 100,000 participants. The results also showed that men and those that take part in a full marathon, faced a greater risk of suffering from the life threatening condition. As expected, the casualties that received bystander-administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation showed the highest level of survival.

It was only last September that Sydney man, Jamie Donaldson, suffered a cardiac arrest whilst taking part in the Blackmore’s Half Marathon. Thankfully for Jamie, event staff were close by and administered CPR and defibrillation treatment, successfully bringing him back to life.

It is important to remember that the risk of cardiac arrest for running participants is still considered low, and running is one of the best ways to stay healthy and reduce your risk of disease.

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