Good Samaritans Recognised

The great work of Good Samaritans, ordinary people that provide life saving First Aid, have been recognised recently.

In Melbourne, a cardiac arrest survivor has today, thanked her rescuers. Leanne Jackson, who was clinically dead for over 20 minutes, was saved by passers-by who came to her aid and provided life saving CPR. After Jackson collapsed, a passing cyclist called her an ambulance whilst a couple, stepped in and started CPR until paramedics arrived. Jackson, who was in an induced coma for over a week, has since made a full recovery.

In China, the women that went to the aid of a 2 year old hit-and-run victim has been honoured overnight. The incident, which occured last October, made international headlines and caused public outcry when up to 18 other passers-by were captured on CCTV either driving or walking past the victim, without stopping to lend a hand. It was Chen Xianmei, a member of the public, who came forward to move the toddler to safety and call for help. Xianmei, at the award ceremony, has been labelled a “national role model”.

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