5 Benefits of Group First Aid Courses


Keely and Allana from the YMCA Manning Aquatic Centre perfecting their First Aid skills in a group First Aid course.

Do you have a group of staff in Port Macquarie, Taree or on the Mid North Coast and you need to train them in First Aid? Well our nationally recognised First Aid courses may just be the answer you were looking for.

This week we enjoyed the opportunity of conducting a group First Aid course for the staff at the YMCA Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre. The ladies from the creche, who had great fun completing their Child Care First Aid (HLTAID004), enjoyed many of the benefits that group First Aid courses have to offer.

1. Tailored To Suit Your Business’ Schedule

Group first aid courses, like the one Taree YMCA completed, are an excellent option for workplaces that require training but want to minimise any interruptions to their business. With our group First Aid courses, the training can be tailored to suit your business’ schedule and operations. This includes the course being delivered on a date and at times, that suits you and your staff the best.

2. Delivered Where You Want It

Group First Aid courses also have the option of either onsite and offsite delivery. Like the First Aid course we delivered to the YMCA, we can come to your workplace and deliver the training onsite. This means that the course can be conducted in a comfortable and familiar setting for participants and it can also mean reduced travel time and costs. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can choose to have the course delivered offsite. We can deliver the course at one of our fully equipped First Aid training venues, while you continue business as normal at your premises.

3. Tailored To Your Workplace

Taree First Aid CoursesGroup first aid courses can also be tailored to your individual workplace . With our group training, we can customise and contextualise the First Aid courses to your specific workplace environment and business operations. Staff can be trained in specific emergencies that they may face in your particular workplace. Staff can also become accustomed to their specific workplace First Aid equipment, systems and procedures. All of this can dramatically improve your staff’s response in the event of an emergency.

4. Consistent Training

Group first aid courses also offer the advantage of consistency in training. With group courses, all your staff are trained in First Aid together and you know that they will all receive the high standard of First Aid training that we deliver. You also know that all staff are qualified at the same time and that they will also be due for renewal training at the same time in the future.

5. Easy Organisation

With group First Aid courses the organisation can be really easy. With us, you can book a group course today and it is truly “set and forget”. You don’t have to arrange individual staff bookings for different courses that can quite often be on different dates and times and at different venues. This can really save you time, money and hassle.

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