How Would You React To A First Aid Emergency?

first-aid-anxiety“We had just finished lunch and were walking over towards the water fountain…when we came upon a man collapsed on the ground. A group of about 15 people were around him, watching as one man was giving him chest compressions. My heartbeat quickened and I was afraid I was looking at a dead man because, at this point, he was.”

This was the dramatic scene that confronted Gizmodo technology blogger, Corey Hass, last Sunday. He had just been enjoying a practice and qualifying session at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, California when he came across a man laying lifeless on the ground – unconscious and not breathing. For some people, such a stressful situation can cause people to become frozen with fear and inaction – not knowing what to do, how to help or become scared that they might do the wrong thing or even cause harm. For others, a crisis like this can cause them to panic and act irrationally.

first-aid-emergencyThankfully, Corey’s previous First Aid training and natural instinct kicked in. Corey overcame extreme nerves, stepped forward and began helping other rescuers provide life-saving CPR to the man. He took control and was able to deliver effective mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths while others provided CPR chest compressions.

“I was extremely nervous, but at the same time extremely focused. I lifted his chin up and opened his mouth to open his windpipe…I pinched John’s nose and cupped my hands over his mouth to make a small barrier. My mouth was extremely close to his, but not directly touching. I gave two deep rescue breaths and could see his chest expand as I did so. I was giving John’s body much needed oxygen.”

Corey’s lifesaving First Aid actions paid off. After delivering CPR for only a number of minutes, the once lifeless man began to respond. Corey was amazed to see the man taking very faint breaths for himself and showing initial signs of recovery. He and fellow rescuers were able to hand over a now “living” patient to paramedics that had, by that stage, arrived at the scene.

Corey has no doubt, that it was his past First Aid training that he received previously in Scouts, that enabled him to act effectively in this stressful situation. For many people, completing a First Aid training like a Provide First Aid course, prepares them to deal with the demands of a medical emergency. First Aid training can reduce the fear, anxiety and panic that some people can experience in such situations. Instead, with previous First Aid training, responders can act with confidence and competence in not only being able to respond to, but manage a medical emergencies as Corey did.

Not surprisingly, following his experience, Corey is now strongly urging everyone to complete an accredited CPR course and to learn the basic skills and knowledge that could one day help you save a life. At Coastal First Aid, you can learn CPR in our regular Provide CPR and Provide First Aid courses in Taree and Port Macquarie and to groups across the Mid North Coast. If you would like to come and join us, simply select a course from our upcoming First Aid course list, click the enrol link and complete the enrolment form.

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