A CPR Course Could Save Your Friend’s Life

Perry King with Kyle Wegnell, Jim Ham, Daniel Mole, Scott L'Barrow and Joe Curtin. Pic: PAUL GUY, Courier Mail

Perry King with Kyle Wegnell, Jim Ham, Daniel Mole, Scott L’Barrow and Joe Curtin. Pic: PAUL GUY, Courier Mail

A Brisbane high school, cross country runner has been thanking fellow students and their First Aid and CPR skills that ultimately combined to save his life. Perry King of St Laurence’s College was competing in a inter-school cross country race on July 16 when he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest and was minutes away from death.

Perry, who was only 2km from the start line, collapsed to the ground and was technically dead, reports the Courier Mail. His heart had stopped and there were no signs of breathing. A group of students from the neighbouring Iona College who found him, couldn’t believe their eyes. “When I saw him I thought he was dead, it was the scariest moment of my life” remarked Jim Ham, one of the Perry’s rescuers.

Thankfully for Perry, that is when the Ioana College students’ First Aid skills and knowledge kicked in. The quick thinking teenagers, who had completed First Aid courses and CPR training in the past, got in and helped out. The group, including Kyle Wegnell, Jim Ham, Daniel Mole, Scott L’Barrow and Joe Curtin, begun performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Perry and sent for help. It was ultimately this timely response that doctors believe, saved Perry’s life.

Perry’s rescuers are now reminding everyone of the value of completing a First Aid course. “We just want to get the message out about the ­importance of first aid and CPR training, it saves people’s lives. Just like it did in our situation,” Jim told the Courier Mail. This is reinforced by fellow responder Kyle Wegner who believes that “everyone needs to do their CPR courses even if they don’t want to because it just handy to have in situations like this”.

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