Miracle Resuscitation At A Supermarket

supermarket cprIt appears supermarket workers these days can not only save you money with great prices but they can actually save your life too! This is what happened to a mother of four recently when she suddenly collapsed whilst shopping, suffering a massive heart attack. The dramatic events of which, were all caught on camera.

It was an average day for 51 year old Anna Hunt who was shopping in the Perth suburb of Mirrabooka. Without warning however, Anna suffers a heart attack and collapses on the supermarket floor (Some may accuse Anna of taking the Coles Supermarket “down-down” jingle a little bit too literally).

Remarkably, shopping centre CCTV footage captures the moment. In the process of falling, Anna actually pulls her shopping trolley on top of herself.

Thankfully for Anna, help was at hand. The video shows complete strangers dropping everything and rushing to her side. They pull off the shopping trolley and begin providing First Aid. However they find Anna unresponsive and immediately dial triple zero for an ambulance.

Dramatically however, Anna’s conditions worsens. Anna stops breathing. She is clinically dead. Luckily staff at a nearby supermarket, who had previously completed First Aid training, arrive to help. They start performing CPR and providing life-saving First Aid. Paramedics later arrive, but fear the worse. Anna is still not breathing and has no pulse. She has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Miraculously, after 15 minutes of CPR and life-saving First Aid, Anna begins to show signs of life. Thanks to the combined efforts of bystanders, supermarket workers and paramedics, Anna had beaten the odds and survives.

Today, whilst having no memory of that eventful day, she praises her rescuers that saved her life and performed her life-saving miracle. She told Perth Channel Nine News that “if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here”.  Very thankful, Anna later went on to say that “I can’t express how grateful I am to them”.

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