100 compressions per minute – just right

A new study has confirmed that CPR compressions performed at a rate of 100 compressions per minute, is ideal. The research which was conducted at Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium analysed various rates of compressions in over 130 CPR cases.

The study  found a strong association between the speed or rate of chest compressions and the depth of compressions. This association means that when a rescuer increases the rate of compressions, the depth that they are able to compress a patient’s chest decreases. The researchers found that compressions delivered at a rate of 80-120 compressions per minute, delivered the best results in terms of chest compression depth.

This study supports current Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines which recommend that rescuers deliver CPR at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. The study also supports that rescuers should avoid delivering compressions at a rate which exceeds these guidelines. Link

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