Ch 10 The Living Room – It Could Have Been The Last Supper

On tonight’s Channel 10 lifestyle program The Living Room, it could have been the last supper for a number of unsuspecting dinner guests. In his regular cooking segment, Spanish chef Miguel Maestre was tonight tasked with creating a delicious three course meal to serve to twelve dinner guests.The twist was that these guests had a range of serious food allergies (nuts, seafood and peppers) as well as intolerances to gluten and lactose.

EpiPens at the dinner table

It seems as a precaution, each dinner guest was given an EpiPen just in case they suffered a life threatening allergic reaction to the meal. An EpiPen, for those that don’t know, is a First Aid device containing adrenaline which is used in the treatment of Anaphylaxis. The only problem was that the EpiPens provided were not EpiPens at all, but in fact EpiPen Training Devices. As the name suggests EpiPen Training Devices are used to teach people how to use and operate an EpiPen. These devices don’t include a needle and the internal mechanics of the EpiPen. More significant is the fact that they do not contain a dose of adrenaline which is necessary to treat an Anaphylactic reaction.

Training Device label covered up

As you can see in the photo, the devices at the dinner table have a grey coloured training label. Real Epipens on the other hand, have either a green or yellow label. More worrying is the fact that someone has made efforts to disguise the EpiPen Trainer Devices. In another camera shot it appears someone has used black tape to obscure the label ‘Training Device’ on the Epipen Trainer. Oops! I hope the dinner guests with those life threatening allergic reactions knew that all they had next to them, was a piece of plastic.

At the end of the episode, Miguel proudly quips “Thankfully not quite the last supper”. Yes, well with only EpiPen Training Devices available, you would be quite thankful no one had a life threatening allergic reaction to your meal.


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