Forster Fisherman in Fibrillation

forster cpr

Marine Rescue to the Rescue. Photo courtesy of Great Lakes Advocate

A boat is seen screaming back through Cape Hawke Harbour. An elderly man is collapsed in a boat, not breathing and no pulse. This was the scene that confronted members of the Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry on July the 6th.

Thankfully for the collapsed man, Marine Rescue volunteers at the scene started CPR. Someone rushed to the nearby radio base and grabbed a defibrillator. A life saving shock was administered and more CPR delivered. These quick thinking actions of the First Aiders combined to save the fisherman’s life.

The two marine Rescue volunteers, Grant Maxwell and Milton Shaw, have since been commended for their swift, life saving response in the medical emergency. Mr Shaw who spoke to the Great Lakes Advocate, says the incident highlights the importance and value of First Aid and CPR training. He commented “It saves lives, it’s very worthwhile for anyone to learn CPR you never know when you might need it”. Full Story

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