Personal Trainer Supplies Shocking Service

cpr saves clientIt’s the type of shocking customer service you really want. A personal trainer has put in to practice, the skills he learnt at a recent First Aid course and heroically saved the life of one of his clients, reports the Illawarra Mercury. Travis Roche, of Corrimal, rushed to the aid of a client after he suddenly collapsed to the ground in cardiac arrest and had stopped breathing.

Mr Roche, who had completed a First Aid course only weeks before, realised how dire the situation was and believes that’s when his First Aid training kicked it.

“I couldn’t really believe this was happening but I just kept thinking I have to do something to save this guy.”

Mr Roche quickly sent for the defibrillator, got his workmate to call for an ambulance and started performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on his client. When the defibrillator arrived, the personal trainer literally gave his client, the shock of his life (boom-tish).

“After what seemed like ages, I noticed that some things were changing with the patient, his colour was changing back to a pinkish colour, he seemed to be moaning with every compression and his chest seemed to start moving by itself,” he said.

“I thought, wow he’s coming back to life’. Read the Full Story

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