Life Saving Trio Awarded

Bruce Killey, Darcy Hutchinson and Pamela Davis with the man whose life they saved, Bill Patterson. Photo: Yuri Kouzmin, Courier Mail

Today a group of strangers that went in to help a man at a regional train station and ended up saving his life, will be awarded Community Hero Awards. The Courier Mail reports that train driver Darcy Hutchinson and nurse Bruce Killey were just sitting, waiting for a train, when they noticed 61-year-old Bill Patterson, slumped forward on his seat. It is what they did next, that saved the life of their fellow commuter.

Noticing that Bill wasn’t breathing normally, the pair quickly placed Bill onto the ground and commenced CPR. As the pair delivered compressions a bystander was able to get rail staff to call 000 for an ambulance. Another commuter walking past, Pamela Davis, who coincidentally had just completed a first aid course, came into assist. A short time later, an ambulance crew arrived, defibrillator Bill and they was able to get him to quickly hospital in a critical condition. Thankfully for Bill, he survived and has since made a full recovery.

Ambulance Victoria chief executive officer Tony Walker told the Courier Mail that bystanders, like Darcy, Bruce and Pamela, can be the difference to someone’s chances of survival. It is First Aiders, like in this incidence, who are able to provide CPR and keep the blood flow and oxygen going to a casualty’s brain until paramedics arrive.

“Knowing first aid (and) learning CPR… is something everyone can do — and it could make all the difference when faced with a life or death situation” Mr Walker believes.

Bill’s story really does highlight the importance is knowing how to perform CPR and completing a First Aid course. We always remind participants at our first aid courses that you may never know where you are when these life saving skills could be called upon. Our Provide CPR course that we offer, which only takes just two hours of your time, can provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to save someone’s life like Bill’s.


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