Little Heroes Honoured

Yesterday, two little heroes received Star Awards at their local school in Campbelltown for ringing Triple Zero (000) and saving their mum’s life.

Temporarily blinded and struggling for breath after accidently spraying herself with oven cleaner, Kristie Feneley would have died if not for the quick-thinking actions of her two young children.

Ms Feneley was at home with her children Monique, (then aged 10), and Jacob (then aged nine) on 3 September last year cleaning her oven when she coughed and accidentally turned thenozzle of the cleaner on herself, poisoning herself in the process.

Immediately, young Monique dialled Triple Zero (000) and asked for an ambulance. Following Call Taker, Ben Scott’s instructions to assist her mother, Monique provided clear and immediate information, conveying not only her address and mobile phone contact details, but her mother’s age and the fact she was an asthmatic.

While Ben provided Monique with reassurance and encouragement, he contacted Poisons Information for further advice. Jacob then assisted his mother into the front yard so she could receive fresh air.

“Jacob dragged me outside because I was frothing at the mouth. I couldn’t see much at this stage because everything was burning,” Ms Feneley said.

A neighbour arrived and continued with the reassurance and assistance until NSW Ambulance paramedics Paula McMahon and Anthony Talty arrived on scene. Ms Feneley was rushed to Liverpool Hospital where medication was administered to relax her airways.

“The doctor said in another two minutes I wouldn’t have been here. If my airways hadn’t started to clear, they would have had to perform an emergency tracheotomy,” she said.

Ms Feneley said the treatment also included having about 20 bags of saline solution flushed into her eyes to save her eyesight. “I didn’t have a voice for four to five weeks afterwards but I’m doing a lot better today. I’m pretty much back to normal,” she said.

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