Awesome First Aid Courses!

Whenever we deliver our First Aid courses, we also love to receive feedback from our participants. This lets us known what our participants are loving about our First Aid courses and the ways in which we can improve. We are always looking at ways to make our First Aid courses the best they can be. … Continue reading

Emergency + App

You’re driving along a long, rural road and you suddenly you come across the scene of a motor vehicle accident. A car has left the road and hit a tree. You find that there are passengers in the car that are severely injured. You need an ambulance quickly but you don’t know where you are? … Continue reading

CPR – Is It Like In The Movies?

James Bond has been poisoned. A fellow player at a poker game has spiked his martini with digitalis sending 007 into cardiac arrest. James’ condition is deteriorating. An ECG shows he has life-threatening ventricular tachycardia. Only a defibrillator can save him but he suddenly collapses and falls unconscious. Thankfully, just in time, Vesper arrives and … Continue reading